Thursday, June 20, 2013

Observations and Phenomena - a new podcast

Lo Thermonuclear fans! The myserious, the strange and often over-looked...the places where we know shadows and language drops off...these are the topics of OBSERVATIONS & PHENOMENA .. a new podcast by Thermonuclear Bar interviewee alumi David Metcalfe, Dr. Timothy Brigham and yours truly.

We are releasing this trans-media adventure as a youtube clip, but Itunes audio shall be forthcoming as well.

So without further ado, Episode One: Hexagram 49 - Revolution

Observations & Phenomena features Rev. R4D4, Dr. Tim Brigham and David Metcalfe in conversation on anomalies, science and contemporary culture. Summoning the spirit of science to celebrate a new age of reason.

Articles discussed:

Is Participating in Psi Research a Good Idea -…

The Secret Science of Spiritual Healing -…

Anniversary of Monkey Man Alert! -… (With additional insight from Rangers sight pygmies in Way Kambas National Park -… )

Witch Hunt of the Week:

Witch Doctors and Con Artists - A First-Hand Account of Witchcraft in Africa, by Justin Chapman -…

Quotes of concern in this week’s Witch Hunt article: 

“I wanted to see some mob violence, but it’s probably better that we got back on the boda-boda and booked it out of there, following the healer who also rode on a boda-boda. I didn’t think we were in danger but Luke told me that the crowd knew they could be identified on television and so when the police left they could potentially attack us.”

“How interesting. How bizarre.”

Divination technique used to decide this episode’s sequence: I Ching

Diviner: Rev. R4D4

Result: Hexagram 49: Revolution (Molting)

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