Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lactose File: Episode 1 DOWNLOAD!

My friends - We are proud to announce that over the coming weeks all of the TNB's notorious Lactose Files - live aired podcasts/compilations made by West Bay maniac Dan Lactose - are to be released! These were some of the greatest treats of audio bad-assery I was happy to present on the airwaves during the original ThermoNuclear Bar Season of 2011/2012. Enjoy!

Episode 1 Track Listing:

The Spits - Pain (mp3)
Electric Eels - Agitated (7")
Bad Noids - Ticket To Mars (7")
Connoisseur - Weed Slut (Stoned Back To Life CDR)
Timeslave - Weed Whore (mp3)
Cock E.S.P. - 3 songs w/ Raws from Wasteoid (Historia De la Musica Cock CD)
Seeds Of Rape - Keep Waiting (Demo 2011 tape)
Streetwalker - Pine Box (split 7" w/ Catheter)
Isidious Process - Bakbundna (split LP w/ Avfart33)
Bone Sickness - Post Mortem Perversion (7")
Atomicdeath - Forever Black Hell (split CD w/ Bloodstone)

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