Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shrapnel Hits

Faster than your OODA Loop - the ISAA: Information, Sort by Priority, Act, Assess.

"We play the same game of risk-reward analysis, only your stakes are much higher. We both confront chaotic information...and act quickly."...."The traders stressed that it was experience which enabled them to view multiple streams of data and discriminate between the important and the trivial"

ISAA provides a guideline for two functions.The first is setting priorities, which traders call 'sorting the order deck.' The decisionmaking in a fire support center often consists of filling orders for maneuvers, logistics or fires in the next 12 to 24 hours. Similarly, traders often are filling orders from clients to buy or sell at a certain price.

A second function is assessing feedback and adjusting the battle. A trader calls this speculating, or 'testing the market.' He will take a series of small positions; if the market does not react as he anticipates, he will test the other side. Capital is risked on an assessment of the market. Similarly, the multitude of fire missions will lead to constant assessments at the COC--whether to keep away from the action or increase the fires requested.

Simulated Play of the Prisoner's Dilemma 

Another way out:
"Toulmin has argued that absolutism (represented by theoretical or analytic arguments) has limited practical value. Absolutism is derived from Plato's idealized formal logic, which advocates universal truth; thus absolutists believe that moral issues can be resolved by adhering to a standard set of moral principles, regardless of context. By contrast, Toulmin asserts that many of these so-called standard principles are irrelevant to real situations encountered by human beings in daily life." - An Alternative to Absolutism and Relatvisim.

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