Friday, March 8, 2013

Spoijef and the Madness of Sheep's Heeeee

Sheep Squeeze was quite possibly one of Redwood City's most underrated but important bands. Rather than spend several hours detailing the history I will point fans of the genesis of Dorkcore and West Bay Hardcore to this collection on bandcamp recently posted by the infamous Christ Heeee (vocalist and sometimes Sheep drummer) himself:

Now why would I commit to naming this post "SPOIJEF and the Madness of Sheep's Heeee"? Quite rightly it comes down to this very artifact:

"I think he talks to it, dude."
First time I met Chris we were in the proto-Sheep band know as DISRUPTION back in '88/'89 I believe.While I was wearing colorful surf shorts, Dan was busting Vision street wear and Don Juan was profiling stone-washed denim jean jackets, Chris wore bright red Stanford University sweat pants and Metallica t-shirts and did this weird one leg kick dance move while singing. He also had this SPOIJEF picture in his pocket. While we were discussing just how songs should go, Chris would look down at his odd creation and smile to himself and then add his take to the song's structures. After jamming I was curious about his fascination and asked to look at the picture - I realized this picture was channeling musical information to him. So naturally stole it and promised that one fine day it would be revealed to all. Today is that day. BASK IN THE UTTER FUCKING GLORY THAT IS SHEEP SQUEEZE!!!!

Curious about the mighty Sheep Squeeze? You can check out some history on the very NSFW blog, EuroTrash Utility Belt, here:

And why not, you know? You might end up like this guy:

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