Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review: Primitive Man "Scorn"

By Rev. R4D4

Reviewed 12-12-2013

Doom! DOOM! and MORE DOOM!! Drop-z tuning mastery for Late Night serial killers.
Man mixes in some really neat noisey compositions as well.
Excellent production mixes with tight performances make this a strong release.
According to the Grunt this is making many best of 2013 lists and I don’t doubt it!
No FCCs detected.  Best Tracks:  1, 3, 4, 5, 7 – Rev. R4D4

1.    (11:44) Feedback intro into heavy instrumental  plodding mid-paced rocker, that curves back around to a sludgey motherhumper, kicks into powerviolence style gallop beat, then dirge, YOW. 
2.    (4:26) Guttural screams and sludge for those who don’t want to go eleven minutes and still freak out the neighbors. Epic fadeout, good for mixing into next track
3.    (3:23) Sweet industrial track, with hell engulfed vocal scream and guitar feedback. Creepy. This one could work for lots of shows that are heavier but don’t want to go to
4.    (9:08) Demonic! Epic all around. If there can really be a stand-out on this release, here ya go.
5.    (3:11)Weird taps on the pickups with some looped breathing patterns, Primitive Man coming at you with some strangeness. If you dug track 3, you’ll like this one as well.
6.    (2:54) Fastest track yet, kick ass, really a barnburner, hell yes. Rocks the whole way through.
7.    (4:51) Slow paced, heavy, something about solidarity in the astral planes?

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