Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review: Wolves in the Throne Room/Session 2011 Ano Domini

by Rev. R4D4

Reviewed 2013-12-12 

Wolves in the Throne Room- BBC Sessions

Two guitarists and a drummer creating sludgey black-metal evil. No turntableism, no shiny happy people therefore best to play before a sports show or after, so the dark spirits can crush the souls of any team. Or play on Christmas/Easter, that works too. No FCCs. – Rev.R4D4

1. Prayer of Transformation (10:32) after writing your sigils in goat blood in a darkened forest, the Elusive Companions arrive to give you a gift of shape-shifting power and revenge.

2. Thuja Magus Imperium (10:37) More darkness. And possibly an ode to the Thuja tree which can help with the bronchitis that comes with too many DOOM records and bong hits.

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